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Hi. Scott here.

If you know me personally, you also know that Fostering and Adoption are both pretty important parts of my household. So in addition to having Auberle Foster Care be the beneficiary of this year’s Keg Ride (hey, if you want to join us on the Keg Ride on April 27, click here), we’re also hosting a super casual, no commitment, information sharing session about foster care here at the Brewpub. Auberle staff will be here, along with a some current Foster Families, all ready to answer any and all questions you might have, over a couple of beers.

If you or anyone you know has THE SLIGHTEST interest in fostering, please come and join us…

Are you Foster-Curious?

Here’s your chance to talk with current foster parents, Auberle staff who handle foster placement, and compare notes with other foster-curious people to see what it's all about. Or you can just hang out and quietly eavesdrop, pretending to be a random East End customer who happens to be popping in for a pint.

I'm sure you have questions like…

Question: Hey, we've been thinking there's a bit more room in our lives to help someone who really needs it. Should we maybe consider doing foster care?

Answer: YES, you should consider it! The need is REAL and the need is HERE.

Q: Well, I'm just a single person. Don't you need to have two parental units to do this kind of thing?

A: Nope! Anyone... any ONE person can change the life of a young person in need. Like totally change it for the good. This could be you.

Q: Everyone in my house has a full time job. There's no way we could pull this off and still show up for work each day.

A: There are lots of fully employed foster parents in the program, and it works just fine. The most important part is that you're there... and willing to share some of your life with someone who needs it.

Q: How much of a need is there really? I mean, I never hear about this kind of thing.

A: Let’s be clear: THERE IS A HUGE NEED. And that need is NOW. And it does not go away without help. Currently, there are more children in at-risk situations than there are foster homes for them to be placed in. So, they wait. Maybe they’re waiting for someone like you?

Q: Fostering might not be for me. I mean... I barely have my own stuff together. Could I handle this?

A: The Foster program at Auberle will ensure that you are fully vetted and qualified to be responsible for the welfare of a young human well before placement. That's actually required by law. So don't sweat it. The process ensures that you won't get more than you can handle.

Q: But... I've never taken care of a child before. I honestly don't know anything about doing that.

A: You know, that's exactly how it works with all new parents. It's the only job where 100% of new hires are completely inexperienced. And to help, Auberle has you covered with some great training and support to get you where you need to be. And they have your back if you're feeling like you're in too deep.

Q: Well, I don't want to commit to anything right now. But honestly, I am a little curious as to how this all works.

A: Perfect! That’s exactly what this is designed to be. An information session. You will not be taking home a new family member at the end of the night. This is your chance to see what it's all about in a casual session over a couple beers. Worst case, if it’s just not for you, you still had a couple beers.

Q: I don't feel I can foster a child right now, but are there any others ways to help?

A: Absolutely! Fostering isn’t for everyone, but you can still support the process in countless other ways. You could do something like… tutor a child who is behind in their schoolwork, make donations or volunteer at a donation center, host a youth game night, invite a child into your home for a home cooked meal, volunteer to mentor a young person, or even become a Respite Foster Parent to help a foster family a break from time to time. The list goes on and on!

For this event, there’s no need to register or anything like that. Just come on out to our Brewery’s Julius St. location on this evening, grab a nametag at the door, a beer at the bar, and join in the conversation. And as you might have guessed, East End Brewing is a family friendly environment. So kids are permitted.

We hope to see you here!