In the spirit of flaunting norms, we're releasing some BEER in BOTTLES! Yes, bottles, remember those? Turns out they're perfect for packaging mixed culture fermentation beers - also known as “funky beers”, or as we sometimes call them, in our beautiful native Pittsburgh dialect, “sahrs”...even though it can be a bit of a misnomer. These are real live mixed culture fermentation beers that can take a year or more in wine barrels to get there. After the right amount of time, we're pleased to be releasing:

- BRETT HOP. This is our Big Hop recipe but fermented with a Brettanomyces-Lactobacillis culture, and then conditioned in red wine barrels for about a year. We're calling it an America Wild Ale, and it's really something. We suggest drinking some now, and keeping a bottle for a year or two to see how it developed. $21 per 25.4 oz cork and cage bottle.

- AGED SAISON LA SECONDE. This is our Premiere Saison that’s been fermented with our favorite farmhouse yeast, and then secondarily aged on brettanomyces in red wine barrels for a year. $21 per 25.4 oz cork and cage bottle.

These beauties will be available for purchase at both locations Saturday, February 23rd. You can learn more about these beers by checking out Scott’s blog post here.