• Eliza (map)
  • 331 Technology Drive
  • PIttsburgh, PA 15219
  • US

Our YOU ARE HERE Neighborhood beer series continues with our SOUTH OAKLAND release on Saturday, October 12th from 12-2 pm at Eliza, Hotel Indigo, 331 Technology Drive.

SOUTH OAKLAND is a killer aromatic hazy pale ale dosed with Tulsi. Tulsi is also known as holy basil and is a sacred herb used in Indian culture. We've played around with this herb a few times here at EEBC and thought it would work nicely in a hazy/juicy brew. We're tasting blueberry, citrus, grassy, and juicy notes in this one.

Come join us and the fine folks at Eliza, Hotel Indigo this Saturday for beer, food and fine views of the river. Come look for us under the yellow tent umbrellas. If rain hits, we'll be inside the restaurant.