It’s DINO hunting season and you’re invited to the hunting party on Saturday, April 21 at East End Brewing in Larimer. Join State Representative candidates Summer Lee, Mike Devine, and Sara Innamorato and help support their campaigns to put real progressive Democrats in Harrisburg.

Lots of people know about Pittsburgh’s amazing dinosaur fossil collection, but not as many know that we’re also home to lots of living DINOs: Democrats In Name Only. These DINOs don’t have tiny arms, spiked backs, or leathery hides, but they do have anti-choice views, lots of money, and political connections that help keep them safe from most challengers. For decades they have ruled the land, but with your help that’s all about to change.

Join us at East End Brewing in Larimer on Saturday, April 21 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Grab a beer, buy a limited edition DINO Hunter t-shirt, and learn how you can help these three progressives shake up the natural order.

All proceeds will be split between Friends of Summer Lee, Friends of Michael Devine, and Friends of Sara Innamorato. RSVP here and learn more about the candidates.