• East End Brewing (map)
  • 147 Julius Street
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 15206
  • United States

We've been brewing our Gratitude Barleywine with the exact same recipe since our very first year, as an annual thanks to you, our GOOD BEER Fans, for supporting us throughout the year. This has been yet another year of big changes for us here, so we've decided to offer you some extra appreciation this time... with THREE forms of Gratitude available on March 24th, starting at 10 AM (while supplies last):

  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude in 16oz cans
  • "Regular old boring" Gratitude in 22oz green waxed bottles (with the reprised 2008 house sparrow artwork)
  • A limited run of Gratitude in our original packaging, with brand new Grackle artwork by bird maven Mary Tremonte on hand silk screened over wrap labels, green waxed, signed, numbered, and suitable for framing.

Okay, maybe you can't frame a bottle. But this is BY FAR the most ridiculous and beautiful package we've ever put our beer into. And while it's a massive amount of extra work, it's something too cool to not bring back on a smaller scale every once in a while. And this is the year!

Saturday, March 24th we’re offering a slew of these new bottles for sale, along with some special verticals, Gratitude flights, Barrel Aged flights, beer-friendly food from Prohibition Pastries, a pop-up show from Gratitude artist Mary Tremonte! Oh… and every can or bottle we currently have available, in case you missed something lately.

And as a reminder, the 2017 is what is being released this year, as we title it by when we started brewing it as opposed to when it was released, just to make things extra confusing. Want to brush up on Gratitudes of years past? Check out the revamped Definitive Gratitude Guide by clicking here. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Here’s the pricing, and all bottle prices include sales tax. (You’re welcome again.)


  • 2017 Gratitude Barleywine (Green) in hand-screened paper-wrapped 750ml bottles, wax dipped, hand signed, and numbered, $23 - VERY limited supply, limit three per customer.
  • 2017 Gratitude Barleywine (Green) in 22oz bottles, wax dipped, $17
  • 2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 4/16oz cans $40, singles $11.

THE VINTAGE STUFF: We’ve got a bit of older stuff, but the older years are running low, so they’re only available in the stacked vertical packs, as listed below...

  • 2016 Gratitude Barleywine (Yellow) in 22oz bottles, wax dipped, $19
  • 2016 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 4/16oz cans $50, singles $13.
  • 2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine in 4/16oz cans $60, singles $16.
  • Stacked Vertical 6 pack” (24 available) $105
       • (1)  2015 Gratitude bottle
       • (2) 2016 Gratitude bottles
       • (3) 2017 Gratitude bottles
  • “Stacked Vertical 12 pack” (12 available) $175
       • (1)  2015 Gratitude bottle
       • (2) 2016 Gratitude bottles
       • (3) 2017 Gratitude bottles
       • (1) 2015 BBA Gratitude can
       • (2) 2016 BBA Gratitude cans
       • (3) 2017 BBA Gratitude cans
  • “Stacked Vertical 10 pack” (12 available) $180
       • (1) 2014 Gratitude bottle
       • (2) 2015 Gratitude bottles
       • (3) 2016 Gratitude bottles
       • (4) 2017 Gratitude bottles


  • BigHop Hoppy American Ale 6/12oz cans $12
  • Smokestack Heritage Porter Smoked Porter 22oz bottles $11
  • Vanilla Coffee Porter 22oz bottles $9
  • Illustration Ale Belgian Dark Strong Ale 22oz bottles $12
  • Saison La Seconde wine barrel aged Brett Saison 750ml bottles $21
  • BlackHop Black IPA 4/16oz cans $15
  • BiggerHop Double IPA 4/16oz cans $18
  • Partly Clahdy NE PA 4/16oz cans $18
  • Caution Slippy NE DIPA 4/16oz cans $18
  • BBA Fatter Gary Imperial Brown Ale 4/16oz cans $18
  • BBA Homewood Reserve Stout 2017 4/16oz cans $14
  • BBA Homewood Reserve Stout 2016 22oz bottles $11
  • BBA Toaster Imperial Stout 4/16oz cans $20

We’ve also dug up some great rarities for you to enjoy in a glass on this day, with two different taster flights:

“BOTH WAYS” GRATITUDE FLIGHT (6 x 6oz tasters) - $20 (while supplies last)

  • 2015/2016/2017 Gratitude Barleywine
  • 2015/2016/2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine

“ODDS AND (East) ENDS” SAMPLER (6 x 6oz tasters) - $20 (while supplies last)

  • Illustration Ale Belgian Dark Strong Ale
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Homewood Reserve Stout
  • Toaster Imperial Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Toaster Imperial Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Fatter Gary Imperial Brown Ale
  • Rickey Boy - Gin Barrel Aged Hefeweizen (drink this first!)

FOOD: Prohibition Pastries will be here serving homemade Barleywine Pretzels, Tasty hand pies, sandwiches, and other baked goodies to keep you fully satisfied.

ART: Mary Tremonte, the original Gratitude bird artist for all our editions, will be here with a pop-up shop selling her wares!

TOURS: Curious about how all this barleywine and beer is made? Well hey, we just so happen to have a Grains-to-Glass Brewery Tour here, starting at 1pm! It comes with a full, behind-the-scenes walk through the brewery, tasters of ingredients, tasters of 4 different beers, and even a credit to spend at our bar when the tour is over. Get your tickets HERE.

MOAR BARLEYWINE: And we know this is the same day as Kelly’s famous (or perhaps infamous) barleywine festival, “Hell With the Lid Off.” Grab some tickets from our GOOD FRIENDS at Kelly’s, and maybe we’ll see you there later.


  • BE NICE. We’re counting on you to be polite and orderly, so no frontsies, no backsies. Our doors open at 10 AM and everything goes on sale then. We might come out with some wristbands if we aren’t too busy getting setup.
  • HOW MUCH CAN I BUY?: If there's a line, you're limited to 12 (one case) of the new 2017 Gratitude bottles (one case), and 12 of the 2017 Barrel Aged Gratitude cans (half a case), and 3 “throwback packaging” 2017 Gratitude that we’re releasing today. If there's no line, there's no limits. So maybe get in line and get what you need, have a bite and a beer, and then circle back for more.
  • PRICING? Prices are listed above next to each item.
  • WHERE IS IT? WHERE CAN I PARK? Gratitude Release is at our Larimer Brewpub only, located at 147 Julius St, Pittsburgh PA 15206. There's always plenty of street parking available on Frankstown and Hamilton Avenues. Please don't jam up Julius Street and park in front of our gate (we need to open it, right?) or our only neighbor's house. It’s just a block North or South guys… all the parking you’ll ever need!
  • WHAT CAN I DRINK? Glad you asked! You can drink any single bottle or single can in our cooler on site, but WE NEED TO OPEN IT. For everything else, we ask that you do not open them here, and stick to the flights or regular draft beers available. Never open a Growler or a Crowler here… that should go without saying.
  • CAN I BRING MY OWN BEERS TO SHARE? Absolutely not. Now that we're a pub, you can only drink what we’re serving you. So please don’t bring your own beer to drink. We need to be "in charge of your sobriety" while you're on our licensed premises. That goes for our outside space too.
  • HOW ABOUT BEER TRADES: Also no. The PLCB has issued a new ruling making it very clear to license holders like us that it is NOT COOL to trade beer anyplace on our licensed premises. Anyone trading bottles or cans on-site (including the outdoor patio and sidewalk in front) will be refused service for the day and asked to leave the premises. Please don’t put our business at risk.
  • BUT WHAT ABOUT GROWLERS AND/OR CROWLERS FILLS? Sure! We’re filling Growlers and Crowlers with ALMOST everything we’ll have on tap, so check the screen when you come in. (Gratitude 2017 will definitely be available for fills, and by the glass.)
  • BE SAFE! These are big beers, so watch yourself, and watch your neighbor. If it gets away from you, leaving your car in our neighborhood and catching a ride is totally cool.