You asked us to can our beers, and we did. You asked for more styles, and we complied. Then you asked if we could release a beer in cans at the Brewpub and Taproom AT THE SAME TIME, and we said, sure, why not? 

Join us for a special HOPtember release of three very different hoppy beers (and one old favorite). On FRIDAY, 11am at the Taproom (102 19th St) and 4pm at the Brewpub (147 Julius St), fresh cans of our flagship BigHop go on sale, along with new and Improved Partly Clahdy. We've made some minor refinements to the receipe for this new batch of PC, so expect the same bright, juicy, tropical hop caracter, but with more aromatics and a softened bitterness on the finish. If you liked Clahdy on the first round, we think you'll really enjoy this one. 

SATURDAY we're releasing BigHop Harvest ale, our wet-hopped IPA made with local hops in 16oz cans starting at 10am at the Taproom and 12pm at the Brewpub. This one tastes best fresh so get here quick. 

And SUNDAY it's one of our last batches of Green Giant Citra IPA for the year, 10am at the Taproom and 12pm at the Brewpub, packaged in 16oz cans. 

BigHop: Six pack of 12 oz cans, $12
Partly Clahdy: Four pack of 16 oz cans, $16
BigHop Harvest: Four pack of 16 oz cans, $14
Green Giant: Four pack of 16oz cans, $12