• East End Brewing (map)
  • 147 Julius Street
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 15206
  • United States

Let there be hops! Specifically, let there be Huell Melon hops, a german hop with honeydew melon characteristics that works perfectly with our new Pilsner. This is an easy-drinking but flavor-forward beer that, okay sure, maybe doesn't jive with all the flames and hard-rock imagery. But look, when you come up with a name like this, you roll (and rock!) with it. We'll be tapping this beer at the Brewpub on Saturday with a hard-rock playlist and Billu's Indian Grill outside. Soak up the last of summer, and let us shake you all night long.

For the AC/DC fans in the house, here's a handy list of additional song lyric puns to use to talk about this beer/event
- Your friends are gonna be here too! 
- You'll be thunderstruck...by this Pilsner!
- It's a long way to the hops, if you wanna rock & brew.
- If you want beer (you've got it)
- Whole Lotta Pilsner
- Have a drink on me (no wait, seriously, you still have to pay for the beer)