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Friday, November 24 (aka BLACK FRIDAY) is usually a time of much darkness... a day spent getting up before the sun to wait in line for deals on super awesome gizmos and doodads. Or maybe just an excuse to get a little "me time" away from the family by spending it shoulder to shoulder in a tense, competitive shopping environment with the huddled masses. They still huddle, right?

This year, we've got kinda the opposite of all that shopping darkness in mind for you: liquid darkness of course. Come do something enjoyable on Black Friday with us this year! You'll be able to sleep in until almost noon before you... drink flights of some very special beers, eat something that is definitely not going to be turkey from our pals at LaPalapa, check out a new fancy bottled beer we're releasing, and for a modest donation to a very worthwhile charity, take home a free bottle of liquid deliciousness with our thanks! Heck, if you stick around until 7pm, there will even be live music, courtesy of Steel City Squares! Just check out what our FRIDAY OF MUCH DARKNESS has in store for you:

  • NEW BOTTLE RELEASE - Saison La Seconde: 
    • You may have had this beer on draft as we previewed it over the last couple of weeks, and now the cork and cage bottles are finally ready for release. Saison La Seconde is a mixed fermentation ale, originally brewed as a farmhouse saison, and then aged with brettanomyces in red wine barrels for 11 months, and then refermented in the bottle since early August. And now, it's time!
    • This release represents the launch of a new corked and cages bottle series of beers we're calling our Bent Branch Collection. We've had a lot of "mixed fermentation" beers in the works here over the years, especially in the last three. Until now, these have primarily been draft releases - which for styles of beer that will continue to evolve and develop over time, does them a disservice. These beers are built to bottle age. So aside from a little bit on draft, in the months ahead we'll be releasing these beers in this large format, cork and cage 750ml bottle, on no particular schedule, whenever we think they are ready.
    • Barrel Aged Beer Flight (Non-barleywine offerings aged in Bourbon Barrels)
    • Sour Beer Flight (Saison La Seconde, Sacred Tulsi, and one more to be announced)
    • Vintage Gratitude Barleywine Flight (deep cuts from our deepest cellars)
    • Big Bottle Flight (a sample selection of pours from our current stockpile of big bottles)
  • FREE CROWLER CANS: You'll still have to pay for the beer that goes inside them, but for this day only, we're covering the cost of your Crowler cans. Yep, they'll cost you $0. Because... HAPPY FRIDAY OF MUCH DARKNESS!
  • DO SOMETHING GOOD: Since holidays are the giving time, for the first 72 people through our door donating FIVE BUCKS or more to HEARTH Pittsburghyou'll get a free 22oz bottle of beer to take home. See, it pays to give... or something like that.
  • STEEL CITY SQUARES will take over the stage (and by "stage", I mean that area by the big tables) at 7pm with a rotating selection of musicians, arrangements, and assorted merriment for your square dancing pleasure.

Join us at the Brewpub on Friday, November 28 and let's take the edge off this holiday