Reservation Day: May 20th,

On-Line Reservations start: May 23th at noon,

Release Day: June 18th


2015 Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude in 4 pack - 16oz cans

Our Gratitude is an 11% American Barleywine Style Ale aged in oak for 10 months. Gratitude is something we've been brewing every year since we opened back in 2004. It ages well, is hoppy when fresh, and has a deep complex malt character with 4 to 5 years of age on it. This is the second year we've released it in barrel aged form, but it's the first year for cans.

We plan to continue to release future Barrel Aged Gratitudes in 16oz cans, but we still plan to keep the regular Gratitude Barleywine in big bottles for you.


Since we sold out of our Barrel Aged Gratitude on release day last year, we've decided to try something a little different this time around. As usual, our goal is to make sure everyone gets a fair crack at whatever they want.

To take the edge off of your anxiety around all that "Will I get some?" "Should I make the trip?" "I've got to get there early to hold my place in line!" stuff, we're offering 2 advanced purchase options this year, so that on Release Day, you can come out at whatever time you like, have a couple of beers, grab a bite to eat, pick up your RESERVED beers, and make a relaxing day of it with us. Though you do need to pick it up some time on release day... otherwise, we'll drink it.


  1. In-person beer reservations will go on sale at 4:00pm Friday, May 20th at the Brewery when we open for regular business. We'll also have a BUNCH of other special beers available that day both for in-house consumption and take-home sales. More on that below. 80% of the cans will be available this way.
  2. On-line beer reservations for the remaining stock (assuming stock remains) will go on sale Monday May 23rd at noon. 20% of the cans will be available this way to give people a chance who can make it in person. HERE'S THE LINK.
  3. Any remaining Barrel Aged Gratitude that doesn't sell out in advance will be sold in person at the Brewery on Release Day.


  • May 20th (In person): There will be a limit of 12 cans of Barrel Aged Gratitude per person as long as there is a line. You can always get back in line after your initial purchase, and if there's no line, there's no limit.
  • May 23rd (On-line): We don't really have a "line" on-line, so there will be a 12 can limit on Barrel Aged Gratitude for each on-line reservation purchased, but you can make as many separate transactions as you like.
  • June 18th (Release Day): For limits, we're going to play this by ear based on what's left.



  • 2015 Gratitude: Draft for here, 22oz bottles, 32oz Growlers, and Crowlers to go.

  • Gratitude 2009: 750ml unlabeled bottles to drink here only. ($15)

  • Gratitude 2008A: 750ml bottles, drink here or to go. ($15)

  • Flatitude 2010/2011: 750ml bottles, by the case to go only. ($40/cs) (Last time for this.)

  • Toaster Imperial Stout: Draft for here, Crowlers to go.

  • Old Knobby BBA Stock Ale: Draft for here, Crowlers to go.

  • FOOD: La Palapa will be slinging their delicious tacos and more in our taproom!


  • All of the beers listed above, PLUS of course... (6/16/16 Edits on BOLD)
  • 2015 Barrel Aged Gratitude: Draft for here, 16oz cans to go with reservations, $16/can or $60 for a 4-pack. No Growlers or Crowlers.
  • We're also tapping a BUNCH of vintage Gratitude that we'll offer by the glass or as part of a Gratitude Taster Flight: 2012, 2013, 2014 BBA in Wigle Barrels), 2015. Also on draft: 2015 HomewoodReserve, BBA Steelcut Oatmeal Stout, and BBA OldKnobby.
  • Bottle Share Table starting at 10am on the patio and/or in the pub!
  • Just Good Donuts will be here serving their magical toroids of delight from 10-2pm (Maple Vindaloo Bacon Candy, The Turtle, Orange Dreamsicle... and more!
  • Food Truck: Ohio City Pasta in our taproom 2-6pm, serving WAY more than just pasta.
  • Gratitude Vertical Raffle Drawings at 2pm!
  • Maybe something else that's TBD as well. We'll see.

* Beers that are showing as "Draft" will be available in sample glass size and 13oz pours.

The empty cans have arrived! But we promise they'll be full by release day.

The empty cans have arrived! But we promise they'll be full by release day.