Between Two Fermenters is the start of a new ongoing discussion series hosted by East End Brewing. For each installment, we'll bring in someone from East End, a guest brewer from a local brewery, a moderator, and a small business person or artist in an unrelated field to talk about what it's like to work and drink in Pittsburgh. Think of it as a talk about starting and running your own business, but with more beer and bad jokes. Tickets are $10 and include an East End Brewing pint of your choice, as well as a pint of something special from our guest brewer. 

Join us for the first installment at 7pm on November 9 at the East End Taproom in the Strip, featuring Scott Smith from East End Brewing, Brian Eaton from Grist House Craft Brewery, Rachel Carlson from Yelp and Dan Rugh from Commonwealth Press. Tickets here!