We've got a special Constitution Day edition of our Pub Quiz planned for you! 

  • Test your knowledge of civil li-BEER-ties!
  • Pretend you're in your high school civics class, and your teacher is serving GOOD BEER!
  • Participate as a team, from 1-6 members.
  • Win BEER, beer STUFF, and most importantly, bragging rights!
  • Challenge your friends to see if they can be more Civil Liberty-er than you! (?)
  • There will be two rounds of 15-20 questions each. (Let me confirm this.)
  • It runs from 7-9pm, so you'll still make your school night bedtime.
  • Did I mention that it's free? Yeah, it's totally FREE! Because... AMERICA!
  • No reservations necessary. Just show up, grab a pint, grab a table, grab a pencil!

...And you should probably start thinking about that team name now too.



This event is FREE, open to all who want to attend, and hosted by our GOOD FRIENDS over at the Pittsburgh Chapter of the ACLU.