As you might know, we brewed a collaboration beer with our GOOD FRIENDS over at Pizza Boy/Al's of Hamden a while back. It's a Berliner Weisse we've called Moonstomp, and it's been on tap for a couple of weeks now... and it's moving FAST.

Now the BIG BOTTLES of Moonstomp are ready to go. So it's time to talk about the release day plans. (I've mentioned this bottle release on social media already, but am only now getting something posted on the website about this. Apologies... busy summer here!)

Because we put a bunch into kegs, and sent some draft and bottles to Pizza Boy, we don't exactly have a massive amount of this beer in bottles. So to make sure everyone gets some, we're imposing a 3 bottle limit on this beer on this day, as long as there is a line... And if there's no line, there's no limit.

Doors open at noon. And we'll be playing Ska/Dancehall/Reggae all day long to properly set the tone. This should get you ready: 

Hope to see you here!