As you may have read a while back HERE on our site, we brewed a collaboration beer with the folks from Blue Canoe: "ROYAL BLUE SHANDY"... the proceeds of which will go to support their rebuilding efforts at their Brewery, which is currently shut down, due to a fire in their building.

An "Imperial Shandy" isn't the kind of thing you'd expect to see very often around here, but expanding horizons is what collaboration is all about! So Nordy and Justin concocted this one with some help from Local Tea Expert, Danielle over at Tupelo Honey Teas. (That's Danielle and Nordy in the photo below.) And they also included a brand new ingredient for us, True Lemon... which is what you'd get if you completely dehydrated some lemon juice... and exactly what we were after for this beer!

So, a quick shout-out and BIG THANKS to TrueLemon and Tupelo Honey Teas for their contributions to this benefit Brew. It seems the spirit of support and comeraderie extends BEYOND the Beer-Brewing community when someone is in need. Thanks guys - every bit helps!


After brewing a rather LARGE "pot" of concentrated tea, it AND the Lemon were added to the beer, post-fermentation.  And I have to say that the finished combination is dangerously refreshing! Typically, making a Shandy (or an Arnold Palmer) has the effect of diluting a beer, but with this approach, that effect was minimal, and the resulting beer is a whopping 7.3% abv! ...hence the "Imperial" and "Royal" designations.

Now that the beer is ready, we've cooked up some special release-day hijinks in our parking lot planned for this Wednesday from 4pm until we close at 8pm, so I hope you'll come out and see us!

  • Food by Berlin Street Food
  • Beat the Brewers: Ping Pong Tournament All you need to do is beat Nordy and Justin, and you WILL WIN FREE BEER! 

(I'm told this is nearly impossible, so feel free to bring a ringer to show them how it's done!)

  • Or if table tennis is not your thing, a game of Four Square may also be found.
  • Even more hijinks... still being concocted.

And of course, admission is free. Raise a glass with us this Wednesday?