It's hard to believe they've been letting us do this for 11 years now.



UPDATES 4-13-15: 

Eliza's Oven and Randita's Cafe will both be at the Brewery ALL DAY to feed us!!! (By "all day", I mean Eliza's all day, and Randita's from 11:30am on.)

The Beagle Brothers (keepers of "The Bloomfield Sound") will be here to play for us at both the start AND the end of the Keg Ride this year!!!


Since we opened back in 2005, we’ve been spreading the word about what it means to operate a near-zero waste, environmentally sustainable brewery. And we’ve been doing it by delivering the the very first PEDAL PALE ALE kegs of the season in a very unique way….BY BICYCLE.

On Saturday Morning, April 25th, 2015, East End Brewing will set off with a few kegs and hundreds of our GOOD FRIENDS to a mystery destination to debut this years Pedal Pale Ale. The trip will be slow, meandering, and maybe a little surprising – especially the secret destination.


For everyone that rides, your first beer is on East End Brewing. The more riders, the more beer we have to pull… but they will take care of that part.


  • Time: 9:30-10:30am sign-in, 11am departure, arrival at destination between 12 and 1pm
  • Date: Saturday, April 25th, 2015
  • Starting Point: East End Brewing Co. 147 Julius St. Pgh, Pa 15206
  • Destination: You’ve gotta ride to find out!
  • Return trip: You’re on your own.
  • Distance: 6-10 miles
  • Pace: Gentle, slow. Remember that part about people pulling a keg?
  • Registration: Early Bird $20, Regular Registration $25.
  • There is NO Day-of-Ride Registration.


  • You'll get a commemorative East End Brewing KegRide Glass to call your very own, so be sure to bring a bag or a busboy to carry it home.
  • T-shirt: Grab a Keg Ride T-shirt for just $15. To have them printed them in time you'll need to register for one before 4/10/15.
  • This will be the ONLY Keg Ride this year! The Reverse Keg Ride was a great time, but it never grew large enough to generate a large donation, so we're pouring (pun intended) our energy into this ride to make it even bigger and better.

Cost:  $20 for Early Bird on-line registration, $25 for Regular on-line registration. There will be NO day-of registration.  Early Bird registration will end on a mysterious date, without notice, so don't delay.  All registration the Friday before the event. Sorry, no refunds or transfers. But, know that your funds will go to a good cause.

THE CAUSE: All proceeds from this year's ride will go to ACLD Tillotson School's job training programs that serve kids with learning disabilities, just graduating from High School. So by helping us find our way to our destination with these kegs, you're helping young people find their way in the world, and become fulfilled, contributing members of our community.

WANNA PULL A KEG? Feeling strong and want to pull a full keg at the front of the ride? Email Seth at seth314 at and for a $250 donation you can be King Keg for a day! It's probably a good bit easier than you think.

CAN KIDS COME? Yes. But be advised that this ride is on OPEN CITY STREETS.  And of course the kids don't get a beer at the end of the ride. Maybe a Root Beer though.

TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW: As you know, we do LOTS of events every year... Beer Dinners, Festivals, Volunteer Days, but these rides are probably my favorite events of the year.  It's a great excuse to get out on your bike with your GOOD FRIENDS for day of group riding, some good food, some good fun, some GOOD BEER, and of course a good cause.  So seriously, tell everyone you know about this.  The more people we have, the more money we will raise, and the more fun it will be.

See you on the ride!

Cheers, Scott