We've been cooking up a special COFFEE + BEER tasting event for #PCBW, with our GOOD FRIENDS and roomies, Commonplace Coffee. And I think we've got something you'll really enjoy:

A guided tasting of 4 coffee/beer drinks, poured just for you by the masterfully skilled hands of Phil (the guy who does the coffee roasting at Commonplace) and Brendan (the guy who does the head brewing at East End).

  • Coffee Porter - A porter specifically formulated to receive a coffee addition.
  • Joe Melt - Our SnowMelt Winter Ale that we decided to add coffee to, after the fact.
  • Hop Toddy - What is this mysterious beverage? Only one way to find out!
  • Mussolini's Moustache - Our BlackStrapStout w/a shot of espresso brewed right into it ... Hot, cold, carbonated, coffee. You've got to taste this one to believe it!

Two of these are probably familiar if you've been in to see us lately. But the other two are brand new concoctions we've been dialing in here lately, and are very excited to pour for you coffee+beer lovers!

Cost is $12 and includes four 6oz pours of coffee + beer drinks. And our stunning company.

Note: This is a "start when you get here" kind of event, so don't sweat it if you can't arrive at 4:30pm sharp. We'll pour for you at your convenience, as long as your convenience gets here by say, 6:30pm.