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It's almost Gratitude Release Day!  

I'm more than a little late in getting this info posted, as we've been more than a little busier than usual here lately. Or maybe that's always the way it is... Either way, my apologies for being so late in getting this posted.

Here's the details:

This year's Gratitude Barleywine and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude (aka "BBA Gratitude") will be released in their entirety on this day - except for a few cases we're using for variety packs to be offered at a later date. If last year is a guide, we will sell through close to, if not all of it on this day.  So, if you really want some, you should come on Release Day, or at least send a GOOD FRIEND to collect some on your behalf.

Purchase Limits: 

So that everybody gets a chance at some, we're limiting the purchase of the Gratitude and Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude bottles to one case of each, per person, per visit. Regular EEBC bottle limit rules apply, so this means you can get back in line if you want to get more.  Or if there is no line, there's no limit.

However, if we see more than say 100 people in line at noon when we're ready to open the doors, we'll drop this limit down to a half a case.  And we may decide to drop it even further if we feel it's a necessary step to make sure everyone gets some.

Vintage Gratitude: 

We've sold through just about everything from the previous years, with the following exceptions. There are no purchase limits on these bottles at all.

  • 2008A
  • Flatitude I
  • Flatitude II
  • 2006...

Yes, you read that right - 2006!  We have a small stockpile of unlabeled 2006 Gratitude. Since they have no labels, we can't offer them to go. But now that we're a pub, they are available for on-site consumption in our Brewpub. Ask for this one (like all "drink here" beer) at the bar, not in the Brewery where the bottles are being sold.

Gratitude Vertical Charity Auction:

Our GOOD FRIEND, Fat Gary (the guy, not the beer) has decided to release his personal Gratitude stash into the wild via auction. All of the proceeds from this auction will go to Gary's charity of choice, which is The Amyloidosis Foundation.  We'll post a link to this auction once it's up and running. There might be a second vertical to auction for charity as well, but we're still sorting that out. So stay tuned.

You need not be present on release day to win the auction, but you or someone on your behalf will need to make the pickup in person. 


Vintage                              Size           Bottle       Case of 12

2014 Gratitude                 22oz           $17       $204      Yes, the price went down. The bottle is a little smaller.

2014 BBA Gratitude        25.3oz          $21       $252

2011 and 2012 Flatitude  25.3oz  Not available by the bottle.    $40  Uncarbonated Gratitude.

2008A Gratitude             25.3oz          $15       $180    “Flawed” Gratitude.

2006 Gratitude               25.3oz           $15    Not available by the case. Drink here only. Best deal in the building!

Of note: We assign the year to the beer based on the BREW DATE, since that's when the yeast starts working and it starts being beer. Not the release date.

So, for the release day we'll have...

  • A BYOBeer Table where you are welcome to bring homebrew or commercial beers to share.
  • A BYOFood Table where you can do the same with snacks, potluck style if you like.
  • We'll also have some local food producers in house, as we usually do on Fridays and Saturdays. (Expect things like: Hot Gratitude Pretzel Rolls, Mac & Beer & Cheese...)

Other bottles, other draft, and yes, even some cask:

Yes! We still have some stock left from each of our last two bottle releases (here and here). And we'll have a few funky and odd beers on tap as well for pints and Growlers... stuff like BrettHop, Crystal Schip, and our non-sour Kvass.

We're also tapping a cask of something special for you to enjoy on Saturday, but we haven't figured out exactly what time that will happen. Probably at noon though.

It should be a nice day to come see us, and thankfully the weather looks to be cooperating too. So while I can't promise that we'll have enough of everything for everyone that wants it, I can promise that we will do everything we can to handle this in a fair and civilized manner, and that everyone present has a fair crack at what's here.

See you Saturday!

Cheers - Scott