I wrote up a really sweet event page here for this Saturday's release. It had a bunch of history on each of these beers, descriptions, and just the right amount of dumb jokes. Then I deleted it by accident, never to be recovered again.  *sigh*  So you get this instead:

2014 Homewood Reserve:

Our Black Strap Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels $11

Old Nebby Stock Ale:

A malt forward beer with nice rich complexity $9

Old Knobby Stock Ale:

We aged a batch of Old Nebby in Bourbon Barrels for nearly a year. Maybe the best thing we've pulled from oak in the last 10 years. $12

Release Day:

  • ...for these beers is happening at BOTH our locations (supply at the Growler Shop may be limited, depending upon the turnout) on Saturday during regular hours.
  • That's 9-5pm in the Shop, 12-5pm at the Brewery.  
  • There is no purchase limit for now, but we will impose one if we think it's necessary to make sure everyone gets some.
  • You can get all 3 for $30 if you like, and save a couple bucks.
  • Bottles are all the big 750ml type that we've been using for a while now.

We've got another 5 beers to release in the next few weeks. See more about all of that here.

Hope to see you then!