I'm going to bet that if you're reading this, you just might be the kind of person who'd rather avoid the crazy shopping nonsense, and spend Black Friday with a some friends and family over a pint or two of tasty ale in the cozy comfort of your favorite local taproom. Am I right?.... I thought so!

So it's a good thing we're open from 2-8pm at the Brewery today for an afternoon/evening of relaxed shopping-free enjoyment, and reflection on the downright unnatural amount of eating we did yesterday. (Or maybe that's just me?) But if you still have a little bit of the typical "Shouldn't I be shopping???" anxiety we see at this time of year, don't worry. We're here to help with that too...

For the first time ever, we're having a little sale on our webstore. Everything is 10% OFF on Monday - even the Gift Cards. But only if you use this not-so-secret code when you check out: GOODBEERMonday.  And only if you wait until Monday.

We've got some great stuff in shop right now: Cozy EEBC Hoodies, our swell new Can Glasses, and that Stainless Steel Insulated Growler you've had your eye on here for the last couple of months.

So come on out, enjoy a pint, and Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (and Gentlewomen too of course!) with us today. Because all that GOOD BEER Gear will be well stocked and waiting for you on Monday RIGHT HERE.