Seeing that we've already got every other kind of Growler in here, AND we've got our BigHop in cans now, we figured it was time to make the leap into the latest fill-on-demand combination of these two packages: CROWLERS.

These great big 32oz cans are the perfect solution for beer on-the-go. They're less fragile and much lighter than glass Growlers, they seal up REALLY well and protect the beer from light, they chill really fast... and when you give one to a GOOD FRIEND, you don't have to fret about not getting your Growler back!

Plus now, for our super-small-batch beers, where a full on bottling run doesn't really make sense, it's a lot easier for us to get a shelf-stable, more portable container into your hands... just perfect for beers we've been aging in oak! In fact, we're going to try that out soon, with 3 new beers hitting our taps on October 31st:

Bourbon Barrel Aged Fatter Gary Imperial Brown Ale - Yes, Fat Gary has a FATTER cousin, and we tucked some away in oak about a year ago, and now he's ready to come out.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Steelcut Oatmeal Stout - We decided to give this lower abv beer a try in our barrel aging program, and we're VERY pleased with the results.

Weiser Peach Sour - This is the kettle soured beer we brewed with 100lbs of fresh peaches and debuted as this year's BigPour Brew last month. This is the first time it's hitting our taps!

We are only offering these beers in 32oz Crowlers, 32oz Growlers, and by the glass/taster in our taproom. So there will be no 64oz fills on these three. BUT, we're happy to put ANYTHING ELSE we have on tap into a Crowler too, and this will be part of our regular operations here. 

For now, we're going to price our Crowlers the same as if you were filling a 32oz Growler in here... so no "deposits" on these big cans, and of course, no refills.

See you here on the 31st - costumes optional, just like every other day of the year!

UPDATE 10/29/15:

It just keeps getting better, all on this day! Check out these add-ons:

- Pgh Smokehouse will be in our lot to feed you from 12-3pm

- We're christening a permanent NITRO tap at the Brewery this day, and we're breaking it in with this season's first keg of SnowMelt Winter Ale!

- We're also adding a second NITRO tap to serve Commonplace Coffee... chilled, on NITRO. A glass of it is available for your personal enjoyment any time we're open, starting Saturday!

UPDATE 10/26/15:

We just got a bunch of questions via email, so I thought's I'd share them along with the answers as a sort of FAQ for this event:

Q: Is the quantity extremely limited? Will there limits to what you can buy?

A: No limits. There is a limited amount of each beer, as there are only so many bourbon barrels. I don't expect we will run out, but I also don't know tomorrow's winning lottery number. :) Kidding aside, I really have no idea what kind of turnout we will see. 

Q: Will you be able to try before you buy?

A: Pints and 6oz samples will be available for purchase, along side of Crowler fills of these 3 new beers. In addition to bottles, Wheat Hop is also on tap for regular bar service. So, that's a yes.  

Q: How early do people generally show up before you open to get in line?

A: That depends on the release. Our Gratitude release is bigger, and can mean over nighters in our lot. But I don't expect that this time. Again though... lottery numbers. No way to predict. 

Q: Can we bring some beer to bottle share in the parking lot? Nothing crazy, just a whale or two to sip and share.

A: That's between you and local law enforcement. Actually, our lot is licensed private property, so as along as you are all super RESPECTFUL OF OUR NEIGHBOR across the street, it's cool. If it gets silly, we'll clear the lot... but that's not happened at a release here yet. So don't make me turn this thing around!

UPDATE 10/23/15:

We just got our WheatHop labels approved, which means we'll have bottles ready for release on October 31st now too!