A few years ago, I struck up a conversation with a couple guys from a local band you may have heard before. Members of the "Architects of the Bloomfield Sound", The Beagle Brothers were playing at a beer+food event we were both working. If you were at the KegRide this past April, you might recognize them.

The Beagle Brothers, ready to play at the 2015 Pedal Pale Ale KEG RIDE's secret destination... aka EEBC.

Among other things, we talked about music and beer, and the idea of "playing for beer" that they are often asked to do. I asked them a more literal version of that same question:

"Have you ever played for the actual beer? As in, like playing for the BEER ITSELF?"

Because infusing a batch of beer with a dose of live music, while it's being born in the Brewery is something we might be able to pull together here... with the right band, of course! We had a nice chuckle about it, and wondered if we'd be able to taste the music in the beer after a couple of pints. ...hey, maybe it's just a matter of HOW MANY pints before that Beagle flavor really comes through?!

The Beagle Brothers will be celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a show at the Thunderbird Cafe - where you can ALWAYS find at least one EEBC beer on tap.  Now seems like the perfect time to dust off this idea, and test this theory out in the Brewhouse with a proper experiment... Brew some beer, play some music, and have a few pints. And it's that last part where you come in.


We're hosting an Open Brew Day at the Brewery on Friday, November 6th from 4-8pm to test out this little theory. It's a great chance to get up close and personal with our process, our equipment, and... if you promise to not pet or feed them while they are working, our Brewers.

The brew day will actually get started a little earlier in the day, but the Brewhouse will be wide open for you to check out starting at 4pm. The Beagles will take the "stage" (we don't really have a stage) at about 5pm, and they'll keep the tunes flowing until this batch of beer is done flowing over to the fermenter... at about 8pm. No cover charge, of course.

You're all welcome to come out, have a few pints, check out a real-live brewing session in action, while some real live music is happening too. All in the name of SCIENCE!  (Kids are always welcome in our Taproom, but not in the Brewhouse please. They'll have to get their science in school.)

Now you won't be able to taste the results of our little experiment without attending that 10th Anniversary show on December 12th at the Thunderbird... where we hope to debut this beer! We haven't asked them yet... but I'm hoping they'll tap a keg of it for us to celebrate the event... So, get that date into your calendar too!


Oh - I almost forgot! We're not only putting some local music into this local beer, but we're also brewing it with 100% Pennsylvania Malt from Deer Creek Malthouse! Yes, PA MALT!!! These guys have opened the first Commercial Malthouse in Pennsylvania since Prohibition, and they're making great stuff. We used a good bit of their malt in our Moonstomp Collaboration Brew this summer, and were very happy with the results. With all of this local goodness around here, it only seems right to put it all into one big batch.