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As the days get shorter and the darkness starts to take over, we turn thoughts to a similar takeover here at the brewery.  Because nothing goes better with a chilly evening than a bunch of spectacular dark beer.

Not an actual Festival... No funnel cake, games of chance, or carny folk (though, if you are carny folk and like beer, you're certainly welcome).  We're just calling it our Festival of Darkness(TM) when we get convergence of all these black beauties we've been brewing for you, all in the same room, at the same time. 

This year, you can get a taster ALL TWELVE FOD BEERS at once on this day, if you kick $5 in cash towards the collection we're making for the Light of Life Ministries - directly helping local people in need.  (The whole Light-from-Darkness thing was accidental, I swear.)  This is just available Feb 1st, and just during regular GrowlerHours from 12-5pm.

Here's the full FOD Lineup - Some are standards, some are seasonals, and some are once in a while brews we make when we can or when the mood strikes us.  And at least one is from our deep catalog that haven't seen the light of day (or perhaps, the dark of night) for nearly five years.

Of course, we've got our standard and seasonal dark brews at the ready...

  • Fat Gary Nut Brown Ale
  • Black Strap Stout
  • Snow Melt Winter Ale

Plus, over the last few weeks, we've added...

  • Lord Nordsberry Belgian Ale
  • Illustration Ale (Big Bottles and Draft. More about this beer here.)
  • Homewood Reserve 2013 (Our BlackStrap Stout aged 9 months in Makers Mark Bourbon barrels. Big Bottles only)
  • Toaster Imperial Stout (Our BIG 4th anniversary beer... since its the 5th anniversary of our 4th anniversary. Big Bottles only)
  • Steelcut Oatmeal Stout

Then finally, these very last pieces of this black, black puzzle will all be in place for FOD on the 1st:

  • Eye Opener Coffee Porter (Big Bottles. Draft is already out)
  • Smokestack Heritage Porter (Our Smoked Porter in Big Bottles and Draft)
  • Honey Heather Ale (Draft only. Brewed with honey from the rooftop hives atop our GOOD FRIENDS at The Porch. Draft only... Just kinda black-ish, as it turns out.)
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout  (Draft Only. Belgian Chocolate, American Cocoa Powder, and Michigan Sour Cherries)

We hope to see you here on the First!  Cheers- Scott