...The underwear is the long part, not the bike ride.

If you're not familiar with the Underwear Bike Rides that have been happening in Pittsburgh over the last year or two, take a look.  Or here, from their FB page...

The Pittsburgh Underwear Bike Ride is about having fun, promoting a positive self-body image, and building a stronger bike community in Pittsburgh. 

So let us celebrate urban cycling, celebrate your badass bicycling body, celebrate being fabulous, celebrate hot summer nights, and drink cold beers once we're done. Feel good, dress up, down, or mostly not at all.

We'd like to encourage these exact sorts of SHENANIGANS, so we're going to buy you a beer and let you keep the 13oz fancy schmancy glass it comes in, if you do the ride.

This is not a ticketed event, but if you plan to come, saying so on Facebook is always helpful in planning these things.  Here's a link to the Facebook event page for the ride. And to be clear, we aren't running this ride - and in fact, the times listed here are just our regular Growler Hours that night. THEY ARE NOT the ride times!

We're just providing the warm, beer-filled destination, and maybe a little incentive to get on your bike for some fun.