Yes, this may just be the dumbest event we've ever done.

So let's say that again together:  We're doing a Tap Takeover HERE... at the Brewery.  Here's what we're planning:

  • THERE WILL BE BEER: A record* 12 EEBC Beers will be on tap! (*Actually, it's a TIE for the record that we've been keeping here for the last year or so.)
  • MEET THE BREWERS: And ask them all kinds of uncomfortable questions, face-to-face. You can talk to them about beer too.
  • GET FREE STUFF: First 24 people in the door get to keep a shaker pint glass when they order a beer. (One per customer.)
  • BUY OTHER STUFF: Enjoy those sweet GRAND OPENING SPECIALS we announced earlier in the week.
  • SEE STUFF: In an unprecedented move that I've never seen before with ANY Tap Takeover (hey, that's what unprecedented means, right?), the brewers will bring the entire brewing system with them for you to check out and poke around on.  Just ask to see it.
  • WITNESS THE NON-DRAMATIC UNVEILING of our "Funky Beer" tap, devoted exclusively to beers that have been fermented with non-standard fermenting thingies. (Brettanomyces, Lactobacillis, Pediococcus)... starting with BrettHop on tap!
  • DRINK CASK ALE: Right when we open our doors at 4pm, we'll tap a small cask - a "pin" actually, of our 2014 Homewood Reserve (Black Strap Stout, aged in Bourbon Barrels).
  • GET MORE FREE STUFF: For those drinking Cask Ale with us that night, you can all keep the "Now with more BREWPUB!" Fancy Schmancy glass the beer is served in until the cask is gone. (Sorry, no Growler fills from the cask.)
  • EAT TACOS: James from the Pgh Taco Truck tells me he will be parked in our lot from 4-8pm, so you can like eat.

See you here.  Let me know if you need directions.