We kicked off our Bourbon Barrel and Sour Beer Programs BIG TIME earlier this year, loading up a total of 28 barrels with beer.  Most of these are going to be ready to serve this fall, so I figured we should put something together, and invite any other local brewers who have something special in a barrel that they want to serve to the Barrel-Aged Beer-loving public.

Turns out, the folks at Wigle were cooking up a similar idea, what with their abundance of freshly emptied Whiskey barrels... just ASKING to be filled with beer!  So, we've decided to join forces, and do this event together, right here at East End Brewing.

For $45 you will get tasting access to the widest spread of both funky and spirit-barrel-aged beers that our part of the state has to offer.  And all under one roof!  We're going to bring in some of our favorite mobile food experts (aka Food Trucks) to help carry you through the evening's festivities.

Now, we're still collecting the master list of what the  other breweries are bringing, but here's what WE will be pouring from our barrel cellars at this fest:

Funky Barrels:

  • Brett Hop: a 100% Brettanomyces-Lactobacillis fermented version of our flagship, BigHop.
  • Sketchy: Our Illustration Ale that's been aging in wine barrels (also with brett) in our tasting room since probably February.
  • Crystal Schip: A happy accident that we've been aging in wine barrels with a mixed culture all summer/fall.

Spirit Barrels:

  • Old Knobby: The bourbon barrel aged version of our Old Nebby Stock Ale (and probably the best thing we've ever pulled out of a bourbon barrel).
  • Homewood Reserve: Named with a nod to our original neighborhood, this is our BlackStrap Stout that's spent at least 9 months in Bourbon Barrels. We often blend this with fresh BlackStrap so that we get flavor elements of both versions into the final beer.
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Gratitude Barleywine: For our 10th Anniversary, we'll be releasing two versions of Gratitude in bottles (Gratitude Release Day info coming soon), the standard model, and this beer, which we'll be previewing here for the first time EVER.

Actually, just about everything here from us will be a first time release.  So if you're curious about what we've been up to this past year behind the scenes, here's a chance to experience it in ideal fashion, among the barrels, glass in hand!

Tickets are ON SALE NOW over on the Wigle website, so get some.  Like NOW!  And we'll see you in and among all the GOOD WOOD.