As you might imagine, we get a lot of requests for Donations.  But in spite of our "BIG Hop", we're still a pretty SMALL operation, and we can only give so much back to our community.

So we need to make choices, and we need you to help us manage this request process.  Here's how:

1. Submit your request via the form below at least FOUR WEEKS before your event date.  If you miss this deadline, I'd suggest submitting your request for next year's event instead.

2. All donations MUST be picked up at East End Brewing during regular Growler Hours.

3. You'll need to get the proper permits to serve beer at your event.  Contact the PALCB and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to determine what's needed.

4. The East End Brewing Company, its staff, and affiliated organizations will assume no responsibility or liability for your event.

5. Legitimate charitable organizations are far more likely to land a donation from us, as opposed a "group of guys that are serious beer fans".  Provide your info below, and tell us a little about what you do for the community.

6. When you write your request, consider avoiding phrases like "A great way to get your name out there" and "First Annual".  We've been at this for about a decade now, so our name is out where it needs to be.  And maybe wait until you successfully pull off the event for the first time before planning next year.

7. Often times, we find a nice middle ground with requests by offering our beer at "wholesale pricing".  This allows us to help out a LOT more organizations.  And since you're spending some money too, it forces you to plan the amount of beer you need a little more carefully.

If you would still like to request an item from East End Brewing Company, please provide the following information in the "What would you like us to donate?" box.

  • very specific description of the donation you are seeking. For example are you looking for beer, merchandise, a gift certificate, etc. Please also include the QUANTITIES you would like.
  • We do not provide cups, tubs, or ice.  But we do have picnic taps available if you leave a deposit.
  • How will East End Brewing be recognized for the donation?

All donation requests will be reviewed within two weeks. The organization requesting the donation will be contacted by email, if the request is approved.  But due to the volume of requests we receive, you will not hear from us if the request is declined.

Only enter if your organization has 501(c)(3) status
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Date of Event
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